"It's been a rough few years for many small businesses and we want to ensure that they not only recover, but also flourish far into the future." ~FIG 
FIG, or Focused Innovation Group LLC, is a family-owned company created to acquire small businesses that are ripe for innovation and digital transformation to increase their efficiencies and profitability.

We're experienced in building and growing businesses and actively seeking companies for our portfolio that meet the following criteria:
  • Established B2B services with $1.5-5MM EBITDA
  • Southeast US, New York
  • Current owner seeking to divest and exit the company.
At FIG, we believe that providing a healthy company culture and taking care of the employees ensure you have happy, longstanding customers.  We have a "people first" mentality and believe in investing in our people and the community.
If you're a business owner thinking of selling, we'd love to have a conversation with you.
No pressure. No judgment.
Let's chat.
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